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Switch up

Surprise the crowd this year with an unexpecting print... my choice would be leopard, but what's yours?

Switch up by chesnam featuring bronze makeup
Christian Louboutin high heel sandals
$695 -

Duffel luggage
$16 -

MAC Cosmetics bronze makeup
£22 -

MAC Cosmetics lip treatment
$16 -

Jigsaw bracelet
£39 -

Tom Ford lipstick
$48 -

OPI nail polish
£11 -

Hollywood Tulips Flower Bulb Garden With Rattan Basket
$45 -

Burleigh Rosie's Hens Teacup and Saucer
£24 -

IKEA Fenomen
$4.49 -

Junes Multi-Colour Organic Pack Of 4 Floating Tea Lights
£2 -

Harrods London Icon Chocolate Biscuits (600g)
£19 -

Daily Eye Make Up Routine

These are the essential steps to take when creating any desired look. These products are budget friendly and a easy to use while traveling!
Daily Eye Make Up Routine by chesnam featuring nyx eyeshadow
MAC Cosmetics eyeshadow
$20 -

Mac cosmetic
£10 -

Nyx eyeshadow
£15 -

Mac cosmetic
$17 -

Mac cosmetic
$15 -

Maybelline mascara
£16 -

Yves Saint Laurent eyeliner
$29 -

MAC Cosmetics eyeliner
$19 -

Olay Wet Cleansing Cloths | Walgreens
$5.49 -

Textured Nails

Snakeskin nail design by Sally Hansen Salon Effects
Yayyy My first post:) !!! Thanks Kenya for the motivation:)

"This was my second time trying out Sally Hansen's salon effects. It's a great product to get that minx celeb look. As you see in the pic, I chose the snake skin print. Here are a few tips to keep in mind: First,*Make sure to prep your nails* It's really important to make sure your applying the sticker to a smooth surface. Another tip ... If you have wide beds like myself, prior to applying you might want to paint on a base color which is what I did. I picked a shimmery gold and turquoise for my base colors. Randomly, I placed the turquoise over my gold polish for a punch of color. Once the base color has dried, apply the stickers as directed on the box. Lastly, a clear top coat will keep your look fresh for at least a week and a half:) "

*Another brand to try "Trend Tips."  Sold at a Sephora's store near you*